About Ali

I am just another busy, multi-tasking mom! I am trying to do it all — sometimes successfully and sometimes not even close. Being a present mother and enjoying time with my family is my number one priority and something that I never compromise, everything else is usually on the bottom of my ever growing list (or quite possibly book by now). In addition to being a very engaged and active mother who is trying to make a home-cooked meal every night, upload photos in a somewhat timely manner (yeah right!), sort through the enormous piles of children’s’ artwork that seem to have taken over my house, and volunteer in both of my daughter’s classrooms, I also work (as in outside of the house) and try to keep myself healthy through yoga, swimming, hiking and the good old gym. However, just because I don’t already have enough to do :-), I decided to add a blog to my list of tasks. After all, I do work well under pressure.

There is seriously not enough time in each day and the days/weeks/months are going by way too fast!




3 Replies to “About Ali”

  1. Thanks for the follow and, considering your already fool plate, congrats on your further endeavor of a blog. I am enjoying my visit. I think we have some very similar considerations.


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