Ice, Ice Baby!!

After hosting multiple backyard BBQ’s where guests left with headaches from dehydration and were just to hot and sticky to have any real fun I came up with a little summer trick to get my party people drinking more water and leaving the soda behind.

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the fancy ice cubes with mint leaves, and lemon slices, and probably glitter at this point, perfectly frozen inside. While those might be aesthetically appealing, they aren’t very practical. I have no where near enough time for that kind of prep work, and in reality, you don’t taste the flavor until the cube has fully melted.

My easy take on this refreshing idea is H2wOw ice cubes! I started putting a drop of H2wOw in each ice cube and it was perfect! The ice would melt and and immediately wow up the water with a cool taste of Ginger Lime, Watermelon Honeydew, or Lemon Spearmint. It was a fun surprise for my guests and absolutely no hassle on my part. This simple trick had my party guests staying hydrated and hitting the dance floor, even in the summer heat.

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