Aloha H2wOw!!

Hi everyone,
        I am so excited to be the new guest blogger for H2wOw! After years of using H2wOw to stay healthy and hydrated, I’m stoked to share some of my alternative uses and hydration tips with all of you.
A little about myself-
        I’m a 23-year-old, high school teacher in Hawaii (I know, I know, my seniors are almost as old as I am and yes, I was asked to prom on multiple accounts) but I was born and raised on the Californian coast. The sun, the salt water, and the stress of teaching do a number on my skin, but I’ve found that hydration is the key to a healthy, beautiful, beach-side life.
        I care about my health first and foremost and I believe that what you eat has the most direct effect on how you feel. Fueling your body with natural foods from the earth is the first step towards a positive day and life. The second is getting active in any way that makes you smile. For me, that means yoga, surfing, running, and all the hydration that comes with it!
I’ve been experimenting with H2wOw in some crazy fun ways and I know many of you do the same. I can’t wait to collab with all you H2wOwies out there and come up with some new and healthy ono grindzzz. 

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